CYCLISTS have expressed fury at a cycle route that leaves them travelling headfirst into dual carriageway motorway traffic.

The Dumbreck pop-up cycle route was designed to make it easier for people to travel between Pollok Park and Bellahouston Park during lockdown.

But last week, following a road traffic accident, the cones clearly identifying the route to drivers were removed.

They were never replaced - causing confusion for those travelling by bike at the busy M77 junction.

And it has now emerged the route has been dubbed too dangerous to keep so will not be restored.

In the meantime, painted road markings sending cyclists into oncoming motorway traffic are still in place.

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Thomas Cornwallis, co-convenor of cycling advocacy group GoBike, said: "We at GoBike understand this was temporary pop-up.

"It does need improvements but that’s to be expected with these measures.

"The cycle lane needs to be extended so that it truly connects local areas together to allow people in this city to cycle to get from A to B.

"We are very worried that Glasgow City Council is seemly taking two steps back with this measure instead of being forward thinking and progressive.

"It also shows how paint is not protection and that measures need more than just painted lines to work.

"We, and our members, are raising our voices, as our council needs to be doing better for those cycling or who wish to cycle."

The cycle route is one of a number around the city designed to create more space for social distancing and help with cycle travel.

Others go along the Broomielaw, Kelvin Way and will be spread out across the city.

The routes are all designed to be temporary with the hope some will be kept as permanent features.

A council spokeswoman said; “At the start of lockdown, the Dumbreck pop-up cycle route was installed temporarily as part of Spaces for People, to link Pollok Park and Bellahouston Park.

“Following an incident on the M77 last week, traffic was diverted off the motorway and a section of the cycle route between the M77 and Mosspark Boulevard removed, to manage this.

“When reviewing reinstatement, as traffic levels have recently risen, there are concerns of queuing back on the northbound M77 slip road, as one lane was removed to implement the scheme.

"For the safety of all road users therefore, the section of cycle route between the M77 and Mosspark Boulevard will not be restored."

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The spokeswoman said work would be carried out on Wednesday to resolve the issue.

But when the Glasgow Times visited the scene after 5pm yesterday, it was still in place.

She added: "Further works will be carried out today on the transition from the carriageway back onto the shared footway, to ensure that all users understand the layout.

"The temporary cycle lane remains in place between Haggs Golf Club and the M77 slip road.”