SHOPPING yesterday in a well-known supermarket, it struck me how many folk find it so difficult to follow the clearly defined markings on the floor and one-way systems.

Couples were casually strolling up and down the wrong aisles the wrong way and without masks. I also noted that the previous queuing system for the tills was not in operation and actually had to stop another couple from starting to unload their groceries at the same time as myself. Is this complacency settling in?

People need to respect the rules as this virus is still very much out there.



I TRAVEL on the buses, trains and underground in Glasgow yet I am amazed at the amount of people without face masks on.

In Spain, the minimum fine in closed spaces is €100, which equates to about £91. If the council wasn’t so devoid of ideas, It could use both the current traffic wardens and litter wardens to do this, who are doing very little anyway.

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USE it or lose it (Petition launched after 31 bus service in axed in East Kilbride area, July 8).

If people don’t use the 31 you can’t expect it to run empty. The 4A is another service which is hardly used to Eaglesham. Why First Bus run double deckers to Eaglesham is a mystery – often with no more than two passengers after Sheddens in Clarkston – a total waste of resources when a mini-bus would do.

Paco Zapatos

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THANKS to Glasgow for funding the renewal of the wall at the Clutha.

Although changes are being made, hopefully we can still go and see the old ones – but I look forward to seeing the new mural.

Alex Campbell


THIS is absolutely shocking (Transport cuts in west Scotland ‘still likely’ says Subway boss, July 8). SPT should be ashamed of themselves, and the public must march to outside Govan subway station to force SPT to scrap its stupid idea of cutting services.

Alan Hall

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WELL said Punky Monkey (Letters: ‘Rangers star Jordan Jones admits careless driving charge’). I’m 70 and get a bit unnerved when drivers behind me get too close. It can distract and cause folk to make mistakes and then who would they blame? Yip, the stupit auld pensioner!

Mrs D