A GLASGOW park has been described as “filthy” with “four inches of mud” on some equipment leaving it unusable.

The park at Hogganfield Loch is said to have disgusted parents who entered it as they saw the facilities covered in dirt and mud.

Parks re-opened in Glasgow last week and since Friday, July 3, children under 12 are no longer required to follow social distancing rules when outside, including with adults.

James Green, a 49-year-old social worker, said the park should never have been opened in the state it was in.

Glasgow Times:

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He said: “Last week the parks opened, and my sons were super excited.

“I went into the park and it was filthy. I’m not talking about a wee bit dirty. There is a yellow tube for kids to crawl through which had about four inches of mud on it with water on top.

“The council could have put one person in for two hours the day before to jet spray it.

“It’s been shut for three months. I would say it’s a breeding ground for disease.”

James said other parents at the park felt disgusted by the mess and would not let their children on some of the park’s equipment.

Glasgow Times:

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He said: “I want my kids to be kids, I don’t want them to be scared of playing in the park. I had to pull them back from using it half the time.

“They are telling us all ‘clean, clean, clean,’ and then you’re looking at this park. I was pretty disgusted. It was really sad.

“I go there all the time. I’m trying to train my kids to wash their hands and it just flies in the face of everything the government and local authorities are asking for.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “We have followed fully the national guidance on reopening playparks in relation to the playpark at Hogganfield Loch.

“As required by the guidance, we undertook pre-opening equipment safety checks and put up signs that remind park users of the need for regular hand-washing and physical distancing.

“The guidance does not require that a cleaning regime is put in place for play equipment and with more than 400 playparks in Glasgow, cleaning at playparks takes place in exceptional circumstances.

“The guidance also indicates that individuals should make their own judgements on whether they wish their children to participate in an activity or not.

“We have checked the playpark again today and it is clear that the equipment has been used during the wet conditions in recent days.

“We will ensure the loose soil on the equipment is removed and fresh sand brushed into the safety carpet.”