THE Glasgow Times can today reveal the finalists who are in the running for the worst lockdown haircut - ahead of the reopening of hairdressers and barbers this week. 

We asked to see your best efforts as the nation's lockdown forced many of us to reevaluate our skills - with some brave enough to pick up a pair of scissors to get chopping. 

Here is the best which will now be put to a public vote on our social media channels before we crown the winner of Glasgow Times' Worst Lockdown Haircut.

1. Alex Clark 

The 70-year-old from Paisley let his wife lose with the clippers and this is the finished product. 

Alex said: "Like most I needed my hair cut so the wife said she'd do it.

"She's never used clippers but was confident she'd manage OK.

"This is the end result. My three daughters think this qualifies as the worst lockdown haircut."

2. Kirk McKenzie 

The 41-year-old from Paisley said the decision for his girlfriend to cut his hair was 'stupid'. 

He revealed: "Kirk stupidly allowed his girlfriend to cut his hair during desperate times in Lockdown. This was the result. Never again!"

3. George Marshall

There is nothing quite like a cruel sibling joke as George has discovered.

He let his sister Victoria lose on his barnet and the 20-year-old was left with an interesting design shall we say. 

Victoria said: "He didn't have a clue."

4. Callum McKinnon

The 23-year-old Glasgow described his lockdown look as a 'shocker'. 

5. Shay Collins


Cute Blackhill youngster Shay lost his lovely locks during lockdown - and it is all thanks to his mum Michelle. 

She went too far with the scissors and Shay ended up with a classic number one all over. 

She said: "My little boy's hair went past his eyes. I thought I would try and trim it.

"I made it that bad, I had to shave it all off."

6. Sean Donaghy

Drew Dickson helped his friend Sean get the look he has always wanted by taking on the job of his barber.

The 28-year-old, from Cambuslang, said: "I cut my pals hair and done a decent job.

"I had really took my time to make sure I made no mistakes.

"My other pal then thought he would get one off me and I was too confident went too quickly and had an absolute nightmare."

7. Rhys Williams 

Debbie Williams, 25, tried to give her younger brother Rhys, 19, a stylish fade.

She revealed: "Tried to give my wee brother a fade.

"As this was my second time and the first was a success - well this time wasn’t."

8. Ronnie Grouchey

Rutherglen man Ronnie, 90, believes he resembles a religious figure following his lockdown haircut. 

He said: "My friend cut my hair and now everyone says I either look like a mad monk or the pope."

9. David McCallum 

David tried a number one at the back which didn't work out too well. The 43-year-old from Cambuslang then got his wife to fix it. 

He said: "Wife did a great job fixing it even though she is a pharmacist."

10. Alistair Watson 

The 26-year-old from Hamilton had his fiancee cut his hair - and Alistair joked it did not go to plan.

He added: "Only thing worse than the haircut was the slagging from my mates. I had to shave it all off in the end."

11. Steven Inglis 

East Kilbride's Steven was looking for a mushroom top and mullet - well that is what he got. 

The 38-year-old had to call on his wife Nicola for help after his lockdown haircut disaster. 

She said: "My husband attempted to cut his own hair without assistance. The clipper fell off and gave him a zero in one part.

"I had to try and fix it after I told him he better hope our baby didn't arrive early as I wasn't going to the hospital with him looking like that.

"Needless to say baby did arrive early! At least it was a week later so it didn't look so bad by then.

"Also, he'd never do a zero all over as he's paranoid his hair wouldn't grow back that's why the top is untouched!"

12. Steven Young 


Steven, 33, from the East End, let his girlfriend loose with clippers after she told him she was decent at haircuts.

He said: "I think it's pretty unique."

13. Dylan Gallacher


Kirkintilloch lad Dylan put off his mum's offer off a lockdown haircut - then caved. 

The 19-year-old said: "Well it started when my mum claimed she was very skilled at cutting hair - and offered to cut mine.

"I put off her offer for week but finally decided to let her try which ended horribly."

14. Gordon Horne 


Cambuslang's Gordon gave his fiancee the role of hairdresser - and it didn't quite work out.

The 31-year-old said: "My fiancée decided she was a hairdresser one day so had a go at cutting my hair.

"She put the clippers to setting three, unfortunately, she forgot to put the three attachment on, so I got a power stripe at setting zero right up the back of my head!

"The bad thing about this is that I work in a supermarket, so I still had to go to work!"

15.John McKay

Cumbernauld's John, 67, blames his wife - and the Rose - for his look.

He said: "My wife cut my hair with a home hair clipper set

"It was supposed to be a number four, it was a sunny day and she blames it on that as we were outside and she put the wrong attachment on. I blame the Rose wine she was drinking."

16. Martin Macredie

Glasgow Times:

Martin is a warning sign for anyone using clippers to make sure they are fully charged.

The 40-year-old from Baillieston said: "Let kids shave the hair off with new clippers! "Went to charge them to finish off and realised it was a two-pin plug."

Who is your worst lockdown haircut?

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