IT’S really disappointing to see Glasgow City Council being so dismissive of parents concerned about the state of children’s play areas (Parents tell of disgust over filthy play park, July 8) which have just recently been opened.

They go on to state that they are basically carrying out the very minimum required in terms of cleaning and tidying up these areas.

The local play area in my area in Barmulloch has had the grass cut (it was like a jungle) recently and that was that.

Beneath the grass lay all sorts of rubbish and debris which was still there this morning.

It appears that is the rule with general grass cutting: run the mowers over as quickly as possible and let the residents clear up the rest.



Youth Training Schemes run in the 1980s were often fraught with problems as too many private companies used the young people as cheap labour, gave no training and let them go when the funding ran out with no prospect of a job.

Those run by local authority education departments, where I worked as an instructor, were much more successful and often run in partnership with local organisations. All the trainees received a certificate and a reference at the end of a year and all got jobs or college places. This was at that time for 16-18 year olds and all received a training allowance.

These initiatives can work if run properly and perhaps the government could look at the issues raised then so that they can be avoided, skills training and jobs are guaranteed and a proper rate is paid for the work done. Our young people deserve the best start in the working world and it is a lot to ask this time as the scheme is proposed to last for only six months.

Dorothy Connor


All very wishy washy (Here are the changes being made to Kelvingrove Park after carnage chaos this summer, Glasgow Times online).

Why don’t they just deal with troublemakers there and then?

Have security – yes, I am aware they need to pay for that – who can remove people drinking or causing bother there and then.

Never mind asking them politely not to do something or politely reminding them of rules.

Break rules they’re out.

Moonk Calder

Glasgow Times online

So because a number of our well trained and disciplined

young can’t behave, then the elderly will be inconvenienced and need to walk further

to enter their Park! Here’s an idea: borrow some Police from Singapore. They know how to deal with bad behaviour and litter.

Big fines are needed on the culprits and not a rise in Council Tax (yet again) on only the top Bands to boost the council’s coffers!


Glasgow Times online

No excuses for spending some extra money on targets we may have (Celtic sell over 50,000 season tickets ahead of 10-in-row bid, Glasgow Times online). The fans have done their bit.

Jim Doherty

Glasgow Times online