A THUG with a knife who claimed to have coronavirus and coughed on police officers as they arrested him was jailed for 25 months.

Stephen Gilhoolie, 34, was found with the eight-inch blade in Shettleston in April. Glasgow Sheriff Court heard officers witnessed drunk Gilhoolie discard the knife and went to arrest him.

Prosecutor Mark Allan said: “He shouted ‘I’ve got coronavirus’ and deliberately and recklessly coughed towards the faces of the officers. He continued to shout I’ve got coronavirus as they were arresting him.”

A spit hood was applied and Gilhoolie, who was also wearing a black bin bag, was taken into custody. He then went on racist tirade towards one of the processing officers.

He said: “You are a terrorist, you should be selling fruit and veg in Govanhill.”

Gilhoolie pleaded guilty to the possession of a knife in a public place, culpable and reckless conduct towards police and acting in a racially aggravated manner.

Lawyer, Graeme Brown, defending, told the court Gilhoolie had been drinking due to unresolved grief linked to his sister’s death.

Sheriff Paul Crozier said: “This was an extremely serious matter as at the time your offence was committed the country was going through a pandemic.”