ALMOST 200 families have requested a clothing package for their children from a pre-loved uniform organisation set up just two weeks ago.

Glasgow’s City Parents Group is working in collaboration with Apparel Xchange and Glasgow’s Pre -Loved uniforms to help and support families struggling to find school wear.

Donations will be donated to Glasgow schools who offer a uniform rack for pupils.

Leanne McGuire, of the Parents Group, said: “There have been almost 200 families who have requested a uniform package for their children, and we have only been running for two weeks.

“Referrals have been received from families directly but also through various support networks and community organisations who are referring on behalf of the family. It is a fantastic example of partnership working across the city with a huge support including the support of Glasgow City Council who have added the information to their website.

“On Thursday I collected a generous donation from Teleperformance Glasgow who emailed to offer us a large donation of water bottles, sports bags and iron on badges.

“This will make a lovely addition to the packages for some families. All the little things that add up financially for families but are essential for children for school.

“The response we have had from the city has been unbelievable and we are extremely thankful to everyone who has donated and to the schools and Parent Councils who have coordinated bulk donations.”

The service will continue to run until the end of September, when it will be reviewed and evaluated to consider future opportunities.

Ms McGuire continued: “We want to show the environmental impact this service has achieved as well as the financial savings. The reuse of school uniforms should not be seen as a stigma, particularly when the majority of items are almost new or barely worn.

Why would you want to throw that away and add to the city's waste?”

The organisation is continuing to accept donations of uniform and children's casualwear, shoes, jackets and bags. Donations and drop offs can be arranged by emailing

Further information on Glasgow schools can be found by following Glasgow City Parents Group on Facebook and Twitter.