A 'Glasgow' store has gone viral after demanding customers take off their masks before entering. 

Posted on Reddit under a thread entitled "trashy", the store has been slammed for its anti-mask message. 

The storefront message reads: "No facemasks allowed in store, lower your mask or go somewhere else.

"Stop listening 2 your govt, they're dumbasses. This is the store policy for our employees' safety. 

"Please comply or fo somewhere else!" 

It comes after wearing face coverings in stores was made compulsory in Scotland on Friday.  

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Eagle-eyed Redditors noticed the store may be located in Glasgow by spotting the city characteristic bins in the reflection. 

A bin believed to be carrying both the 'People Make Glasgow' sign and the city council logo is seen reflected in the store door. 

Glasgow Times:

One social media user labelled the sign as "Covidiotism 101". 

Another added: "It's just pure stubborn idiocy. They know the masks don't do any harm, they are just banning them because other stores have the opposite policy."

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A third said: "Did they reveal the logic used to explain how customers wearing masks is dangerous for employees?"

However, a few defended the store. One person wrote: "I mean it's their right if they wanna turn you away. Who cares just go somewhere else if you have a problem with it."

Do you know where this store is located?