The owners of the police helicopter which crashed into Glasgow's Clutha bar have agreed to a compensation deal with the fiancee of the pilot David Traill.

Dr Luch Thomas, 47, came to an out of court settlement with Babcock, which bough Bond Air Services after the tragic crash, the Scottish Sun reports. 

It is said the Bond Eurocopter EC135 had a "history of faults" before the fatal night in November 2013 which claimed ten lives. 

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Glasgow Times: The helicopter that crashed into the Clutha barThe helicopter that crashed into the Clutha bar

According to reports, the undisclosed payout was reached on March 23. 

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A Fatal Accident Inquiry in 2019  found that the crash was caused by the pilot's failure to ensure at least one of the fuel transfer pump switches was activated. 

It found that the crash happened after the helicopter’s engines flamed out sequentially while the helicopter was airborne, as a result of fuel starvation, due to depletion of the contents of the supply tank.

Sheriff Principal Craig Turnbull aid the central issue was why the pilot, Captain David Traill, allowed the supply tanks to deplete to the point that they did.