The First Minister revealed that a two-week quarantine for English visitors could still be on the table, but it will not be a decision taken lightly. 

Speaking on BBC's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Nicola Sturgeon said the UK nations need to work together on outbreak management in a way that “mitigates against having to put any border restrictions in place”.

She said she will “take decisions the best I can to protect the health of Scotland and to take that absolutely from a public health perspective", but that she is not "immediately planning" for a self-isolation policy for visitors south of the border. 

Sturgeon added that the decision will not be based on politics, but rather on ensuring Scots remain protected from the virus. 

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Glasgow Times:

“This is not about saying to people in England ‘You are not welcome in Scotland’ – of course people in England are welcome in Scotland,” she said.

“This is not about politics, it’s not about a constitutional agenda, it’s just about taking decisions to protect people in Scotland as much as possible from Covid.”

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The First Minister added she would like to see the UK Government be more explicit that it is trying to get to levels of coronavirus that are “virtually elimination levels”.

“We need to be sure that any outbreaks in England are being properly managed, just as England will want to be sure that any outbreaks in Scotland are properly managed,” she said.

“It’s when there isn’t that confidence that the concerns about possible importation would grow.”