A city councillor has urged Glasgow City Council to rethink the reintroduction of car parking charges amid fears the fees will deter people from shopping in the city centre. 

The authority reintroduced parking controls on Thursday as the body had noticed a rise in traffic levels. 

Enforcement action against dangerous and obstructive parking has also been introduced - which targets those who unlawfully occupy disabled and loading bays. 

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Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Thomas Kerr previously wrote to the council administration's City Convenor for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, outlining his concerns that the move is premature.

In his email, Councillor Kerr detailed the conflicting advice given by the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council concerning the use of public transport.

He said: "I was disappointed to learn that Glasgow City Council intends to reintroduce parking charges.

"This comes after no consultation with elected members nor, as far as I'm aware, with the public or Glasgow's business community.

"Furthermore it gave both only a week's notice to adapt to the contradictory messaging coming from the Council and Scottish Government."

"The Transport Secretary has made it clear in recent weeks that public transport should be prioritised for those who need it most and Transport Scotland guidance tells us to: "please consider whether you need to use public transport, to ensure it is available for those with no alternative".

"So, on the one hand, Glaswegians are being told by the SNP at Holyrood that they should avoid public transport where possible but on the other hand the SNP Council Administration in Glasgow is planning to penalise them for using their cars.

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Councillor Kerr urged the body to rethink the reintroduction of the fees, as he fears the charges may deter shoppers from the city centre and hamper business recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

He added: "Moreover, with the retail and hospitality sector in the city just starting to try and recover from this crisis - this move sends the completely wrong message to businesses that need support to attract custom. I've written to Councillor Richardson asking her to reconsider this proposal and give our business and transport sectors a chance to get back on their feet."

The city's Convenor for Sustainability said the reintroduction of the fees fully complies with national guidance. 

Councillor Anna Richardson said: “Glasgow is no different from any other local authority in bringing back parking controls and we have done so fully in line with all national guidance.

“Charges, permits and enforcement are vital for managing the city’s road space, which is coming under increasing pressure as lockdown eases.

“Resuming enforcement of parking controls will also help to ensure equitable access to parking spaces across the city.

“Preventing parking bays from being blocked out by a limited number of cars guarantees a turnover in spaces for other drivers and helps increase footfall in local areas, which is good for businesses.

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“Parking controls are also a key part of the work undertaken to promote road safety, particularly for other kinds of road user.

“There has been increased interest in walking and cycling during lockdown and enforcement of schemes such as residents' zones provides space for people to move safely around their neighbourhood.

“Current advice from Transport Scotland is to stay local and walk, cycle or wheel where possible, and to plan ahead if using public transport. The wearing of face masks on public transport is now mandatory and that will help services to scale up further as restrictions ease.”