THE construction of new homes in Bridgeton is now complete.

The 68 homes for social rent are situated on Olympia Street in the East End area. The JR Group, based in paisley, built the homes on behalf of Link Group.

Glasgow Times:

The development, which was under construction for a total of 19 months, is now fully occupied with residents welcomed into their homes during the first half of the year.

Glasgow Times:

Construction Director, John Murdoch, said: “When we took on the development at Olympia Street, we were conscious of just how tight the site itself was, but we relish a challenge – especially one that presents an opportunity to work on a project that will leave a substantial legacy.

“The vision behind Olympia Street was to create a sustainable collection of residences that people would really want to live in. And, with the homes aimed at people with diverse yet specific needs, there was a real chance to use innovative design and construction technology to ensure the finished development was as integrated as possible and set up to be enjoyed by future generations.

“In Olympia Street, we are proud to have built an exemplar model of affordable inner-city housing with a distinct sense of place.”