A HEALTH hub in Dennistoun is helping people struggling with their mental health to cope during lockdown.

Zennistoun Hub is providing online services including yoga, mindfulness and massage therapies – and it’s free for those shielding, self-isolating or struggling with their mental health.

Nadia Maloney set up the community health hub last year after struggling with her own physical and mental health and being unhappy that these treatments are often out of reach for those who need them most.

On offer currently is guided meditations, mindfulness courses, massage therapies and therapeutic art classes by local artists using household items.

Socially distanced health walks are currently in the works, although Nadia is currently shielding as she has congenital heart disease.

Classes will be chargeable for some but will have a free option for those who fit the requirements.

Nadia encourages people to go their website and email them if they are eligible for free classes and services.

Glasgow Times:

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Nadia said: “As a local Dennistoun member who has had health issues myself over the years, I noticed access to certain therapies like massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, yoga and mindfulness all seem to be quite exclusive if you aren’t earning a certain amount of money.

“To do those you need to have some sort of disposable income so if you don’t you are really restricted.

“So, I thought it would be good to set up a centre like that so people who usually can’t access it can.

“When you look at the demographics and do the market research you realise that the people who can’t afford it and have other social barriers are the people who generally need those services most.

“Not everything will be free. As a community interest service, the way we work is we charge for things then any profit goes back into the community.

“We’ve received money to provide free options for our services for people who are shielding, self-isolating, have mental health issues, financial issues as well as for asylum seekers, homeless people and domestic abuse survivors.”

Free options are for people in Dennistoun or Calton only but anyone is allowed to pay to


Zennistoun Hub was meant to open its doors in spring but has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nadia expects the building to open by the end of the year.