SHOPS and businesses should start to move to out of city centre locations and sell the in-town properties to housing developers (Council urged to rethink reintroducing car parking charges amid financial and health fears, Glasgow Times online).

That’s really what Glasgow City Council wants, so businesses should be getting prepared.

Shoppers won’t mind where they go as long as it is served by good public transport.

A Quinn

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I HAVE asthma, I get a flu jab every year, I know what it’s like not to be able to breathe properly and I wear a mask (‘People are so aggressive’: Vulnerable Scots share fears of shopping without masks as charity launches free ‘exempt’ badges, Glasgow Times online).

I reckon I know a chancer when I see one.

Stewart Campbell

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SOMEONE who wears a clean mask properly will help stop the spread.

Someone who wears the same spittle-soaked unwashed mask every day, touching it then touching door handles etc, not so much. Forcing unwilling folk to wear masks may well be counter-productive.

Barry Tighe

Via email

I FEEL for the bus drivers and security staff in shops who have the thankless task of enforcing wearing face coverings in shops or on public transport.

Judging by the groups of teens who ignore the rules, they don’t have a chance.

Some people just want to think they are above the law.

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I PRAISE the Glasgow Times in respect of highlighting the problem of the fly-tipping.

I note the continued suspension of the bulk uplift service.

I note from reading the Glasgow City Council Waste Strategy that the council handles 21,000 tonnes of bulk uplift every year, with the contact centre receiving 90,000 call every year to collect 450,000 items.

I am sure the councillors and the chief executive can surely see it will cost the council even more money to pick up fly-tipped material in terms of staff and vehicles. By stopping the service and introducing a charge, the council might think they will save loads of money but it will only encourage people to fly-tip.

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