PEOPLE make Glasgow. Which is why it has been heartening to see people return to the city over the past few weeks. It’s just not been the same without them.

So much of this year has been spent with Glasgow as a ghost town, as Covid-19 forced the vast majority of people into lockdown, a lockdown lasting way longer than we first imagined.

Us taxi drivers were on the streets throughout, helping key workers travel and essential trades tick over, however the scenes on the streets were unreal.

I’ll never forget a completely empty George Square, no queues on the Gordon Street rank on a Saturday night or the M8 at Charing Cross bereft of vehicles at rush hour.

Now we may not be out of the woods yet but at least with the gradual easing of lockdown we are seeing a degree of life return to the city, particularly the city centre.

You can still sense a reluctance in people, a new hesitance, and that’s understandable. It’s great to see everyone wearing masks in shops and on public transport but that’s a visual representation of the fear still being carried by most.

Those thinking of a trip into town have a new set of cons to weigh up with the pros.

Another con has arrived in the shape of parking charges coming back into force – so if using a taxi for safety purposes isn’t enough for you, it might just save you a few bob too!

It’s easy to feel sorry for people, naturally less so for buildings but some of Glasgow’s most iconic landmarks have my sympathy and concern too.

They have been starved of visitors since March – right into the heart of the season when they’d usually be inundated with groups, families, tourists and delegates.

Glasgow Taxis is part of Glasgow’s Leading Attractions group, working together to showcase the very best the city has to offer.

From our many museums, to distilleries and football stadiums, science centres, tall ships and tea rooms; each and every attraction has suffered as a destination in 2020.

As confidence builds and guidance allows, it’s in everyone’s interests to pay a visit to one of these institutions, make a donation where it’s free or buy a ticket when it’s not.

People make Glasgow, it’s true – but it’s these landmarks and attractions which have been hosts to millions of people over the years and endless stories to go with it.

Let’s hope the progress we have all made together recently can continue and we can enjoy a little more of ‘normal life’ in the second half of summer.

Glasgow’s citizens deserve it and our famous buildings do too.

Stay safe!