THE systemic abuse of children at Celtic’s feeder team is to go under the spotlight in a new film.

The makers of Celtic Boys Club Scandal will bid to answer some of the questions that remain about the team’s links to the Parkhead outfit.

A number of senior figures at the youth team have been jailed for sex abuse while Celtic have always claimed the two clubs were separate entities.

The film is to be made by BBC journalist Adrian Goldberg and will see the likes of Michelle Gray – sister of Andrew, who was abused by coach Jim Torbett – telling their side of the story.

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Mr Goldberg said: “Decades after this has happened, there is still a lot of hurt. Not only for those who were abused but by their family members as well.

“They suddenly realised something wasn’t quite right with their dad or their brother. I’ve spoken to people who have really heartbreaking stories to tell.

“The damage caused by abuse can echo down the decades and harm people years later.

“The abuse connected with Celtic Boys Club went on for so long and although some steps have been taken for the survivors and their families there’s still a sense that justice hasn’t been served.

Glasgow Times: Adrian Goldberg will make the film in the coming months Adrian Goldberg will make the film in the coming months

“The families want Celtic to acknowledge there was a greater link between Celtic BC and Celtic FC than they have done to date. They want them to say sorry.

“Until Celtic do that, people will feel they haven’t got any sense of closure.”

More than £15,000 has been raised by Mr Goldberg on GoFundMe to produce the film with thousands donating to the cause.

Mr Goldberg has a history of investigative journalism, previously working on Radio 5 Live Investigates and currently on Radio 4.

He will work with director Laurence Lennard with the film due to be released online for free in September.

Mr Goldberg, who previously examined Celtic Boys Club on his podcast the Adrian Goldberg Talk Show, added: “I’m conscious some elements of this story have been told before. I want to take it somewhere else and tell something new.

“I want to drive towards there being positive things in this story, no matter how hard it will be. These terrible things have happened, but how can we stop that happening again?

“I want to do justice to the victims, the survivors. I want to give meaning to their stories and to bear witness to their stories.

“People have offered their money and put their faith in me. I feel that obligation seriously and we want to deliver the best film we can.

“They feel Celtic FC and politicians haven’t always given them the respect they deserve.”

Last month, around 25 victims of Celtic Boys Club announced they were taking legal action against Celtic FC over historic sexual abuse.

It came after the convictions of a number of coaches at the club, including Torbett and James McCafferty.

Celtic FC did not want to comment on the film.

In a statement in February, the club said they were dealing with these historical issues in a “responsible manner”. 

Glasgow Times: Celtic Boys Club founder Jim Torbett Celtic Boys Club founder Jim Torbett

It said: “Celtic Football Club is appalled by any form of historic abuse and has great sympathy for those who suffered abuse and for their families. The club is very sorry that these events took place.

“The abuse of young people is an abhorrent crime. Unfortunately it has affected many areas of society.

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“With regard to the allegations regarding historic abuse at Celtic Boys’ Club (which, so far as we have been made aware, relate to the period prior to 1997), although Celtic Football Club is a separate organisation, we take these extremely seriously because of the historic contacts between the two organisations.

“Police investigations were given support, so as to seek to ensure that those individuals who abused young people were brought to justice.”