RESIDENTS have expressed fury after paint from a nearby football field has allegedly caused hundreds of pounds worth of property damage.

Blue paint suspected of coming from the newly painted football pitch at Meadowburn Primary school in Bishopbriggs is causing havoc for residents at Teviot Avenue who say the council gave them no warning the work would take place.

Residents saw contractors painting the nearby football pitch with blue paint on Wednesday, July 8 and Thursday, July 9 and later noticed it appearing on their cars and houses.

Gillian McDonald, a resident at Teviot Avenue, said: “I am £1000 down with three cars.

"That sort of stuff does not come off. It has damaged the three cars plus the back window and the patio glass table.

"Our car is white so with close examination you can see the blue dots of the paint all over the car.

"When you touch it, it feels like sandpaper. It has ruined the bodywork of the cars.

“We have taken the cars down to a paint specialist. We were estimated it cost between £200-300 per car.

"At no time did the council come to us and say they were doing it.

"It is a playing field where they put AstroTurf in a few months ago and they had the wisdom to paint it blue.

“The council will be paying for this. I raised it with East Dunbartonshire Council last Thursday and I got an email response saying they will be in touch within five days.

"Needless to say, they haven’t responded to me.”

As well as the body damage to her husband’s car, Gillian said the paint caused her son’s windscreen wipers to break.

There is also fine paint on her car windscreen, she said.

As well as property damage, some residents are worried the mist may have health implications – especially for those with breathing difficulties.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “Wednesday they were spraying all day. Thursday the same.

"It’s always breezy here. I’ve been onto the council and nobody has got back to me.

"I was breathing that stuff in for two days. I was working in the garden.

“I am concerned about what I am breathing in. I want to know what this spray is but nobody is getting back to me to tell me.

"I became ill on Wednesday and want to know so I can tell my doctor. I am not saying it is about the spray but I just want to know."

Elizabeth McCormack, another Teviot Avenue resident, said: “You can feel it; it is covered. It is like a grit.

"It is like if someone sprayed lacquer on it. It is all dots.

"The football field is right behind the house and we were not informed at all.”

Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive of Place, Neighbourhood and Corporate Assets at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We have been contacted by residents following work on the new MUGA field being installed at Meadowburn Primary in Bishopbriggs.

"The contractor is currently investigating reports of traces of paint beyond the works site.

"We are in contact with residents and will keep them fully updated.”