AS much as I don’t mind cyclists, why do they think they have the right to go through red lights (Catriona Stewart: When I’m on my bike don’t tell me what to do, Tuesday)?

I don’t know how many times I’ve nearly been hit and knocked down at lights when the green man is on and cyclists just go right through them. Do they not realise when a red light is on, they have to stop? Please have some respect for pedestrians and other road users then you [cyclists] will not get such a hard time.

Coleen Kelly

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I’M horrified by cyclists in town.

I regularly have to jump out of the way on pavements and pedestrian areas.

Elaine Fee

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IF you drive a car or cycle like an idiot people will often have harsh words for you.

Bikes only make up a small percentage of vehicles and too many of them act like t***s compared with the number of cars on the road.

You need to be extra careful when cyclists are around in traffic because you can’t predict how idiotic they will be.

James Kelly

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THE road edges are in such a poor state of disrepair these days that I totally understand the need for cyclists to be one to two metres from the pavement edge (Five drivers stopped after police conduct close pass operation in Glasgow, Glasgow Times online).

Even I watch out when driving and turning left to try and miss the gutters if possible (sometimes you don’t and feel a judder).

The city centre streets are shocking in many places with sections with potholes or previous repair sections broken up, tarmac with gaps, tarmac over tarmac, etc.

As for drivers passing too close, I see that quite often and it makes me laugh when I see a stupid car accelerate hard to nip in front, only for it to brake seconds later for a queue at red traffic lights. It’s like the car must be in front as we paid thousands for it – rather than just chill and coast to the red lights.

So today the drivers were charged with speeding? But with more cyclists around I think we need a clearer message about what sort of distance to leave. Two metres? Half a car width – is that about 1.5 metres?

At least we all know by now what two metres looks like!

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