DAVID Tennant says home schooling his children in lockdown has been a “challenge”.

The Staged star, 45, has five children with his actress wife Georgia Moffett.

He said: “We’re lucky that we’ve got space, although we do have quite a lot of children so we have got quite a full house!”

The former Doctor Who star admitted: “Home schooling was challenging.

“Obviously my wife Georgia was ultimately in charge because she’s better at organising things than I am.

“But between us we’d wrestle one child into a corner.”

The actor, who is back in a new series of comedy-drama There She Goes, said: “You very quickly recognise the gaps in your own knowledge.

“It’s not, ‘How do I do long division?’

“It’s, ‘How do they teach long division now because it’s all changed?’”

Tennant added: “I’ve always respected teachers for what they do, but oh my goodness I’m very glad they exist!”