History has been made on Wednesday night's BBC Celebrity MasterChef, as Glaswegian TV travel presenter became the first blind competitor to take part in the show.

Amar Latif, who grew up in Glasgow's South Side, lost 95% of his sight when he was 18.

Speaking exclusively to the Glasgow Times, Amar said: "Before I lost my sight at 18, I had dreamt of working in restaurants or bars as a waiter.

"I know it's not glamorous but to me it was, and it was getting taken away from me. To be in that kitchen felt so so special, as I was actually the chef."

Appearing on Wednesday night's episode, the 45-year-old Amar inspired audiences as he cooked his own dishes and worked in the kitchen of a swanky London restaurant.

Amar said "My favourite part was being in that kitchen: arriving being terrified at the moment ahead but knowing I could do it with a few adjustments.

"I almost forgot I was blind because I was able to do what a sighted chef could do. That was incredible. I felt I could do this. The world is my oyster."

Amar has been an inspiration for people his whole life. After studying maths at Strathclyde University, the TV travel presenter founded his own travel company, Traveleyes, upon finding he couldn't travel as an independent blind man with any other company.

His TV career has seen him complete a jungle endurance expedition across Central America, crossing swollen rivers and climbing a 5,000 ft. active volcano.

For Amar, this was a skoosh compared to MasterChef, which he initially turned down.

He said: "When MasterChef contacted me and asked if I wanted to be on the show, I was with a friend at the time who told me how difficult it is, even for sighted-folk.

"I told my agent to tell them that I was blind and that I couldn't cook.

"They went away but came back at the start of this year. I told them I was still blind, and I still couldn't cook.

"This time, they wanted to meet up. As we were chatting, I began to realise with hard work I could do anything. So I said yes."

Amar, who had no expert knowledge of cooking prior to the programme, practised for two weeks straight before he came to the show.

Audiences are able to watch as he feels, tastes and smells his way through the many challenges of the programme.

He said: "I was on a crash course myself to be able to cook and to know how I could cook as a blind person. I was discovering this.

"I got used to using my fingers and listening to the sounds of my food. I taste like crazy.

"It is so important to me that blind people and anyone else who doesn't have the confidence to cook gets inspired and thinks, "If that crazy bald blind guy can cook, maybe I can cook as well".

Celebrity MasterChef continues tonight, 8 pm on BBC One.