A HANDYMAN broke into a customer’s house in the middle of the night to steal cash and a guitar.

Pedro Reis, 42, used a “true key” and forced the door chain to enter the property in Kirkintilloch last July.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard homeowner Richard Atkinson was woken by a large bang but believed it was a neighbour.

Reis was later picked up by police officers for a separate matter and arrested.

He was found to have £105 in cash, black gloves, a gold key and a guitar in his bag.

Reis reported the items missing the following day.

Prosecutor Adele Macdonald said: “Mr Atkinson thought it was the accused who was responsible as he was the only person in the property other than himself for a number of weeks.

“He was in the property carrying out handyman jobs for the proprietor.”

Officers recovered all of the items and returned them to Mr Atkinson.

Reis, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty on Thursday to housebreaking.

Lawyer, Martin Hughes, defending, said: “This is a bizarre case and it’s his first time in court.

“He was drinking excessively and matters reached a head in July and he has refrained from alcohol since then.”

Sentence was deferred for background reports by Sheriff Sean Murphy QC until next month.

Reis, also of Kirkintilloch, was granted bail meantime.