CUSTOMERS of a popular Glasgow barber have expressed concern after he appeared to be on holiday in Ibiza just days before reopening his shop.

Anyone returning from Spain must self-isolate for 14 days or face a potential fine - but Graeme MacAskill posted on Instagram that he was going back to work.

A few days beforehand he is pictured in photographs and videos on the social media site with friends on the Balearic island.

But then his page shows a photograph, posted on Tuesday, of himself in Angus Mac barbers with the word "home".

Another post from that day gives new instructions for customers visiting the salon while a video tells how he is looking forward to getting back to work on Wednesday.

Glasgow Times:

One customer who contacted the Glasgow Times said: "For the week running up to the hairdressers reopening there's been stories about all the new safety measures they are putting in place.

"But surely the main thing to keep your customers safe is to follow the government advice and go into quarantine if you're just home from holidaying in a place that has high levels of the virus.

"Even if Graeme changed his mind and didn't go in to work on Wednesday, why would you post online about being excited to get back to work when you should be self-isolating?

"The Ibiza posts are right next to the back-to-work posts - but there's nothing to reassure customers that he hasn't broken the government advice.

"It definitely seems irresponsible and as if customers's peace of mind is not a priority."

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Wednesday, July 8 that anyone returning from Spain - including the Balearic Islands - must self-isolate for 14 days.

This means travelling straight from the airport, station or port to accommodation where you can stay for two weeks and there are only very limited exemptions for going outside.

The penalty for not staying at home for the full two weeks is a £480 fine.

On Instagram Graeme is clearly seen partying with friends in Ibiza.

Glasgow Times:

Just four days later, on Tuesday this week, he posts a picture of himself in his St Enoch Square barber shop.

There is also a five minute video posted on Tuesday of Graeme talking about how lockdown has affected him, in which he says "I'm sitting here reflecting on lockdown because I go back to work tomorrow."

At the same time there is a post giving a list of instructions to clients, such as to turn up on time to the shop and to wear a mask.

Hairdressers and barbers were finally given permission to open on Wednesday after nearly four months of closures.

Salons have been adapting their businesses to comply with the government health guidelines.

The Glasgow Times made attempts to contact Graeme to verify whether or not he returned to work but phonecalls were not returned.