Residents and members of Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch are calling for police to return to making on-foot patrols in the area after a recent spate of crimes.

Earlier this week we reported that William Beckett, chairperson of the Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch, also made a plea for better CCTV.

In recent months, one couple was robbed at gun and knifepoint in Garnethill Park and last week police were called to intervene when teenagers were seen drinking and becoming abusive to other park visitors, William claims.

He also added that an elderly member of the community had his wallet stolen from him in Tesco by a young boy on Friday, in broad daylight.

William told The Glasgow Times: "That man is asking the questions, why is it for several months now Garnethill has not seen any beat officers, which is quite true. You hardly see a police officer, over the past 3 or 4 months.

"You only see them if they are chasing someone in a vehicle, at high speed.

"We feel safer if there is a presence, especially officers on the beat. You can't beat the old system.

"In a vehicle, you miss things. On foot you see and hear things.

We would like the police to have a review of the ways of working, and start giving the public more security by having a presence on foot rather than in vehicles."

Police Inspector for the area, Ross Kelly, said: ‘We are committed to dealing with all kinds of anti-social in our communities and we are aware of issues in the Garnethill area.

"I would continue to encourage anyone with any concerns regarding anti-social behaviour to contact Police Scotland on 101’

According to William, the Neighbourhood Watch began as a result of keeping an eye on crime in the area.

Mark Armstrong, a Community Support Officer from Neighbourhood Watch Scotland championed the watch.

He added: "Neighbourhood Watch Scotland supports local watches in communities across Scotland to keep communities, family and friends safe.

"Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most proactive groups we have in identifying and tackling issues within the community around crime and anti-social behaviour, safety and resilience.

"This proactive approach from the members has resulted in a number of successful campaigns within the community of Garnethill that can only have improved the safety and quality of life for the local residents.

"Neighbourhood Watch Scotland continues to support and encourage the members of Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch as they develop and push forward with the excellent work they have been doing.

"We congratulate them for their efforts and positive changes they are making to the community they live and work in."