REGARDLESS of next year’s Scottish elections, SNP supporters will still be demanding another independence referendum.

Why not promise one but with the precondition that there is a two-year trial of independence to feel what independence would be like?

All funds given by Westminster to Scotland are stopped and all funds given by Scotland to Westminster are stopped since this is what would happen on independence. No Barnett formula or extra funds to

Scotland. The multi-millions of constraint payments made to developers for switching off Scottish wind turbines would be paid by Scottish electricity users, not as happens at present where 90% is added to the English electricity bills.

After two years will the flame of independence still be burning?

Clark Cross

Via email

WHAT happened to freedom of choice (Concern Glasgow hairdressers flouting Covid safety rules)? Why are people so happy to report others for trying to make a living?

When the High St is empty and hundreds of thousands of people are unemployed, then Scotland will understand what hardship and suffering really looks like.

Full PPE to get a haircut is nonsensical, common sense needs to prevail and the dictating from Holyrood to support an obvious agenda needs to stop.

Martin White

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YOU’RE the one with the agenda. Do you have a wife? A girlfriend? A mother? Do you know how long women spend at the hairdresser?

Ever moaned at a woman for spending ages, and lots of money, at the hairdresser? Up to an hour for a cut and blow-dry of medium-length, straight hair? What about colouring? Add at least another hour. What about keratin treatment? Three to four hours.

Do you think it acceptable for hairdressers and clients to be put at risk because of your poisonous politics? A good hairdresser, and barber, will go to the max to protect staff and clients, because that’s what will keep their businesses afloat in the long term. Cowboys will ignore the recommendations, and those recommendations are the same in England.

I know that doesn’t suit your agenda, but who cares what you think? Not hairdressers, that’s for sure.

John Anderson

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