SOME people might hesitate to start a new business in the middle of a pandemic - but Jennifer Clapp is full of enthusiasm for her new venture.

And when you listen to the Pollokshields-based entrepreneur talking about her plans it's easy to understand why.

Today Jennifer officially launches Peacock's Ice Cream: home made ice cream, made completely from scratch... and delivered directly to your door.

And her produce is already proving popular.

Last week she started out by offering her Taste Of Pollokshields flavour on a community Facebook group and sold out in an afternoon.

"It's not brave to start a new business at this time," Jennifer said, "But I do feel kind of crazy to do it because I've never done anything like this.

"On the other hand, it is unprecedented times so you think why not? Why not just go wild?"

Glasgow Times:

Jennifer started making ice cream a year ago for herself and her husband after being inspired while on honeymoon to Japan where she had tasted cherry blossom.

While walking in Maxwell Park last spring and seeing the cherry blossom trees in bloom she thought why not turn the flowers into an ice cream.

She said: "When I made it from scratch and steeped in the cherry blossoms from Maxwell Park it was just unreal.

"It was like nothing could compare to homemade ice cream.

"There's something honest about making ice cream from scratch.

"It feels like how ice cream was intended to be made. Once you've had proper homemade ice cream the stuff you buy in the grocery store can't really compare."

Jennifer's Taste of Pollokshields is a combination of flavours influenced by the area's mix of communities with Scottish shortbread and Pakistani honey mango.

She has also made a flavour in honour of Billy Connolly - roasted bananas in honour of his banana boots.

"I would like to try and be inspired by Glasgow and the different areas," Jennifer, who moved to Glasgow from Toronto in 2006, said.

"I live in Pollokshields and I love Pollokshields. It's that time of year when the shops are filled with Pakistani mangoes and I just love my little diverse neighbourhood so I thought it would be fun to make a flavour based on Pollokshields.

"I try to use seasonal fruits and I get inspiration from everywhere.

Glasgow Times:

"I've done one for Canadian Thanksgiving and that was pumpkin with toasted maple walnuts."

Jennifer also owns Lake and Loch, a life style brand selling beanie hats, mugs and other local area-themed items.

With the Covid-19 lockdown the businesses selling her merchandise had closed, leaving her looking for other opportunities.

Glasgow Times:

Today Peacock's Ice Cream launches with three flavours. Customers choose which flavour they would like - or all three - and Jennifer will hand deliver them on Sunday.

New flavours will appear each fortnight for selection and home delivery.

The launch flavours are Vanilla, Lemon Bar and Monkey Business.

Jennifer said: "I know vanilla sounds kind of boring but it's the number one ice cream flavour in the UK, it's the best seller.

"And with our vanilla I use both Tahitian vanilla beans and Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans so it's a mix of both to make a nice complex vanilla flavour.

"The second is a North American inspired one - a lemon bar ice cream. Lemon bar is shortbread crust with a lemon curd topping so this is a lemon curd ice cream: a vanilla base then chunks of lemon bar and then a swirl of lemon curd.

"Monkey Business is slow roasted banana base ice cream with hunks of crunchy peanut butter chunks mixed with a rich chocolate ganache ribbon."

Jennifer is keen to point out everything is made from scratch, unlike some ice cream vendors who use a powder base mixed with dairy before adding flavourings.

She makes absolutely everything from scratch with her lucky husband giving his view on the new flavours - which has its downside.

"Since lockdown I have had to work out so much to counteract all of the ice cream I have been consuming," she said.

"I've always been into good food. I love good food, I love good eating and I've just always been a hobby baker.

"I think ice cream is great in that sense, because you can be really innovative and creative and make interesting flavours but also have interesting aspects to add into it whether it's chocolate ganache or lemon bars or roasting pumpkins and seeing how that flavours it.

"I don't want to throw shade on store bought ice cream but once you've had homemade it's like nothing else."

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