A SUPERHERO schoolboy from Glasgow has come up with a smart way to keep fellow pupils safe when classes resume after the summer break.

When Lucca Zonfrillo heard his mum’s company was making Covid-19 precautionary signs for businesses, he suggested adapting the idea for schools.

The result – superhero-themed ‘Sani Stations’ with posters and stickers – will now be in place in 300 schools across the city from next month.

Lucca’s mum, Cora, explained: “We are a sign and compliance manufacturer for construction site safety and many of our clients were asking us to manufacture branded Covid-19 material to help establish essential measures for staff returning to work.

“My son came up with the idea of modifying what we were doing to suit kids.”

Glasgow Times:

During lockdown, Cora’s company - Aroc Compliance – worked with Glasgow City Council and Falkirk Council to donate the kids’ packs and materials to local hub schools.

“We got a list of the schools looking after vulnerable children and those whose parents are keyworkers,” she added. “We developed a superhero theme that the kids could relate to and interact with, which we then designed and manufactured in our factory in Falkirk.

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“We distributed the packs to around 30 hubs and it was so successful, Glasgow City Council has now decided to use them in schools after the summer break.”

Cora added: “For the last few weeks, we have been installing themed sanitising stations, stickers, posters and signs in preparation for the schools reopening on August 11.”

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Times:

Proud mum Cora believes her nine-year-old son deserves a pat on the back for his hard work in helping the project come to fruition.

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“Lucca was an amazing driver to get this project over the line – he spent weeks filling, taping and labelling boxes, cutting out stickers, counting out posters and personally helped to deliver the packs,” she said.

“He’s been a powerhouse, ensuring kids in the community are protected.”

Nine-year-old Lucca, who is a pupil at Muiredge Primary, said: “I just wanted us to help kids that weren’t allowed to stay at home to be safe.”