A SOUTH SIDE cafe which puts giving back at the heart of everything it does is one of the businesses we are shining a spotlight on as part of a new campaign.

The Slated Teapot in the city's Newlands say they have been working hard throughout the coronavirus pandemic to supply the local community with food - and they have even made donations to worthwhile causes during that time.

Now they are asking for your support to keep going as part of our Glasgow Loves Local Business campaign.

Owner Lynn Benzie said: "We are a small local based community cafe which became a fully working takeaway overnight due to covid pandemic. This has helped us survive until today and hopefully longer along with the continued community support."

She continued: "We have taken a large hit in relation to our sit-ins and also with the costs of the consumables more than doubling in price, it has been a hard fight.

"We have been trying to make a success of the takeaway side although it has been difficult especially as I could not have staffing in to help.

"It is very emotionally and physically draining.

"I love my job and want it to survive.

"We are a hub in the community."

Based on 11 Mamore Place, the cafe will celebrate its third birthday this August.

They describe their offering as 'freshly cooked quality food' and have donated items towards local projects which help the homeless and the charity Homestart.

Now in a post lockdown world, they have adapted the business to ensure they are following health and safety advice which will help in the fight against coronavirus.

Lynn said: "During lockdown, we introduced visors, masks and also perspex screening almost straight away along with two-meter distancing.

"I continue to support this even with guidelines changing daily.

"We also now have screen dividers arriving to decide on opening our seating soon when we feel it is safe to do so.

"The mask policy is also in place for our customers."

Lynn has urged the community to support local businesses like the cafe saying: "I am just one woman trying to make an enviroment for everyone.

"Providing a warm friendly welcoming atmosphere.

"Making decisions that are best and to support local community projects.

"I would like to be supported as we create a local hub where people can sit on their own or with family and friends. They have at least somewhere to go.

"Mental health is a big (issue) and having even one place to go can help."

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