WHAT team do you support, driver?” It’s the question every driver knows is coming – and it looks like it might be coming our way this Halloween and Christmas.

The Scottish FA announced this week the rescheduled dates for the 2019/20 Scottish Cup:

  • October 31 – Hearts v Hibs semi-final
  • November 1 – Celtic v Aberdeen semi-final
  • December 20 – Scottish Cup final

Now this is a unique calendar year with unprecedented circumstances but every driver looking at those dates would have recognised these fall on a couple of our busiest weekends of the year.

Hallowe’en – regardless of what day of the week it falls on it is always a crazy one in Glasgow.

Last weekend shopping day before Christmas – for different reasons, can also be fun and games.

Now all this is said with the caveat that we don’t know for sure if people will be allowed in pubs and shops on those dates and, even less certain, whether football fans will be back in stadiums – whether partially or fully.

Let’s hope we continue to get this virus under control and that these two weekends can showcase all that is brilliant and bonkers about Glasgow. If so, we can look forward to meeting some of the usual characters when they travel with us before and after games!: The chatterbox / debater – this fan is straight off the phone from Superscoreboard, ready to chat to you for the whole journey about why his team was destined / robbed / victim of a conspiracy!

The full kit family – we love these supporters, generations of the same family out in full colour to enjoy the occasion of a big cup tie at Hampden. And with six-seater taxis we can accommodate big families!

Hospitality debutant – these can be the most entertaining individuals, first time in hospitality, like walking versions of Limmy in his “smart casual” sketch, they can look very different at the end of the day compared with the start. From tie round the neck to tie round the head! The steamer – God love them! These ones can ask the most direct, probing questions like the aforementioned “who do you support, driver?” and “who’s your favourite player” to “how come you’re no’ singing, driver?”.

So take all that, throw in Hallowe’en and Christmas, witch costumes and Santa hats, and you’ve a recipe for a couple of the most mental weekends Glasgow will see in 2020. And that’s saying something, given the year we have had!

Me? I’ll get rehearsing my “I don’t really watch the football” line in advance! Stay safe!