THE arcade over the road is getting demolished and the new proposal will be a mixed development of housing and retail (Rejected plan to turn Shawlands Bowling Club land into flats to be reviewed, Glasgow Times online).

Why build even more flats and densely populate Shawlands?

Rizwan Saqib

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COULD that nice bit of green space in Shawlands not be a sports and recreation space for young people?

There’s nothing around locally for the young ones in the area so would that not be healthier than more flats?

Maureen McDade

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I’M more concerned about the state of the grass in our area (Toxic blaze concerns after tyres left dumped, Tuesday).

I would love to know why I’m paying council tax and not getting the service I contribute to.

Elizabeth Stoney

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WHEN you open up enclosed pubs and restaurants without masks to an airborne virus what do you think is going to happen (Fears Scots becoming ‘too relaxed’ as cases rise again, Glasgow Times online) ?

The second wave will be here before winter.

John Bones

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EIGHTEEN to 25-year-olds in the city centre seem to be ignoring it.

Older people are taking it more seriously.

Jimmy D Cameron

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IT’S laughable watching people in B&Q yesterday with their noses sticking out.

What’s the point of wearing a mask?

Nigel Low

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GIVE it a few weeks folk, all back to normal, another surge coming soon to a pub near you.

Douglas Thomson

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WHAT makes some of the youngsters hanging up the city centre now-a-days think they are exempt from wearing masks in shops and on public transport?

Again, their parents just let them roam about causing havoc, and let other people deal with the end result.

It’s frightening to think what some of these teenagers will turn out like in a couple of years if this is anything to go by. There’s just no respect from them.

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