A Glasgow Times reader has played a part in reinstating one of Glasgow Central Stations's much-loved iconic monuments.

Isabel Jenkins, 77 from Muirhead, brought old music-song "Meet Me At The Shell" to the attention of Glasgow Central Station's Tour Guide Jackie Ogilvie.

Prior to the 'kissing clock', a common meeting spot for couples in the city, the Howitzer shell stood for many years in the middle of the station concourse and was a favourite meeting place for courting couples.

The 15-inch Howitzer shell was made by William Beardmore & Co and converted into a charity collecting box after the First World War.

It was removed from the centre of the concourse in 1966 and in 2004 stands at the Gordon Street exit.

Isabel got in touch with the Glasgow Times to ask if we could trace the origins of the song, which she said her father William Hill and Aunt Mimah, would sing at family parties.

Glasgow Times:

William was born in 1918, so the song originates at least to the 20th century.

After learning of the song, station bosses have decided to move the shell back to it's rightful place - with a nod to the song that goes with it.

Glasgow Times:

Speaking exclusively to The Glasgow Times, Jackie said: "Moving the Shell was talked about before but was prompted again when we were alerted to the song.

"I spoke to acting station manager Drew Burns and he had the idea to move the shell back to where it used to be.

"We're thinking about taking the song sent through and getting a vinyl made beside it.

"We have an internal crane that we'll need to move it with. We need to work out the logistics and our first priority is running the station right now however it is in the plans and as soon as there is an opportunity, we will move it back to where it used to sit, under the clock.

"I do the tours and often get asked, 'where's the shell?' It's tucked away down the post box and most people don't often see it.

"We think it will very much be a talking point."

Thanks to our reader Isabel, Glaswegians will now be again able to sing 'meet me at the shell'. Do you know the song? Let us know.