As yesterday marked the first day that tattoo parlours, dentists, beauty salons and tailors reopened, we made it our first priority to see how things had changed.

The Lucky Cat Tattoo Parlour on Great Western Road reopened for pre-booked appointments only.

Owner Kevin Younger had his first client since March at 10AM and the Glasgow Times was present to see what was different

Kev told the Glasgow Times: "It's a strange day for me, because I'm tattooing for the first time in a mask and a visor.

"The customer is wearing a mask too.

"We've been waiting for this a long time so we are excited and it is a good day for us.

Kev added: "Wearing PPE doesn't change our connection with the customer. I'm seeing a regular so we're having a good catch up about the last 4 months.

Luckily for Kevin, the parlour - which will celebrate its 10 year anniversary next Wednesday - is high in demand.

Kev said: "We are fully booked for the next month or so.

"We were booked up a few weeks before lockdown happened and I've managed to get them re-booked first, and then new clients in after that. It's going well so far.

"We might possibly be getting some PPE themed tattoos, you never know."

Last year, Glasgow was officially crowned the UK's tattoo capital by beauty comparison website Cosmetify.

The study compared the number of tattoo shops with the square mileage of some of the UK's largest towns and cities.

Glasgow beat Edinburgh, with five more tattoo shops - making our total 37 parlours.

The Lucky Cat Tattoo Parlour, like other shops around the city, did look different as due to current restrictions it is operating as a private studio.

Ink-lovers must book an appointment for tattoo or consultation before you can enter the studio, and everyone in the shop must wear a mask at all times.

As of today, Universities and colleges will be able to introduce a phased return to on-campus learning, as part of a blended model with remote teaching.

Motorcyclist instruction can begin, as can driving lessons - but only for tractors.

Still to return are indoor entertainment venues such as nightclubs, bingo, theatres, and music venues, the return of live outdoor events, indoor gyms and non-essential offices and call centres.

The outcome of the next formal review is due to be announced on 30 July.

But for now - we can decide not to get that Glasgow Times logo as an ink.