A plan to prevent a predicted rise in destitution and rough sleeping among asylum seekers and other migrants after lockdown is lifted is needed a new report has found.

The Everyone Home collective, made up of 25 charities and campaigning organisations has produced a route map for people who fall under the UK Government, No Recourse to Public Funds category.

It will be considered by the scotish Governement.

It estimates there are 200 at any one time who are destitute or at immediate risk.

It could be due to their asylum claim being refused and appeal rights exhausted, or they are from other European countries but with no right to benefits.

The group has identified another category who are newly at risk from the economic crisis.

It said special consideration is needed for people who have been trafficked from outside the UK.

The route map report states: “There are new concerns that people trafficked into businesses that have closed due to COVID-19 could be forced into different work, or ‘let go’ if their trafficker can no longer make money from them.”

Currently as temporary measure, emergency support is provided to everyone who is destitute no matter their immigration status.

But the report warns: “As the pandemic eases, Scotland will return to a position where the legal basis for UK, national or local government funding for accommodation, support and advice for people without established entitlements remains inadequate.

“This means an imminent high risk of increased rough sleeping and destitution among people who will also be vulnerable to food insecurity, exploitation and abuse. The pandemic has also created new vulnerabilities for people with insecure immigration status who may have previously been self-sufficient... and are no longer able to meet their housing or other essential living costs.”

It wants more homes made available to house people until their case is resolved to allow them to stay or they are supported to return to their country of origin and clarity on what support councils can provide to people classed as no recourse to public funds.

And it calls for increased access to employment to allow people to meet their own housing and essential costs

Sean Clerkin homelessness campaigner, said: “The Scottish Government must end destitution for all homeless people in Scotland including those with no recourse to public funds.

“We cannot go back to rough sleeping on the streets of Scotland which is unacceptable in the 21st century.”