Glaswegians are being called upon to donate food to a charity helping vulnerable people in the city.

Glasgow Muslim Aid delivers food and other parcels such as toys and books to asylum seekers, refugees, homeless people and other vulnerable groups.

On Sunday, August 2 at six o’clock people will be able to donate items at Ibrahim Mosque, 425 Paisley Road West in Glasgow’s South Side.

Glasgow Times: The charity delivered 300 food parcels a day during RamadanThe charity delivered 300 food parcels a day during Ramadan

In the last few years members of Ibrahim mosque have set up annual fun days to bring the community together and help feed people but coronavirus has meant this year’s fun day was cancelled.

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Instead, some members are devoting their efforts to collecting food for Glasgow Muslim Aid, which is run by some of the organisers of the fun day.

Dilshad Ahmed, president of Glasgow Muslim Aid and organiser of the annual fun day, said: "We have done two fun days before for everybody, for all communities, Asian community, Scottish, everyone was welcome.

“It went well and quite a lot of people came. We gave people free food that people donated to us. Our aim is to bring the whole community together. This year, because of coronavirus we could not do the fun day.

"Instead, this year, it is being organised by Glasgow Muslim Aid. It's a new charity created last year who delivered 300 food parcels a day during Ramadan. The main aim of the charity is to supply food to the people who need it, for anybody who needs it.”

Glasgow Times: Saqib Pirzada on the far right. The charity has even helped feed those on front line servicesSaqib Pirzada on the far right. The charity has even helped feed those on front line services

Some members of the charity say now it is more important than ever to donate what you can to help those in need.

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Saqib Pirzada, a trustee at Glasgow Muslim Aid, said: “We are struggling with lockdown. We need as much help as possible so we can provide help to other people. We need support.

“We are encouraging people to donate food and anything they can give to help people. The thing we need most though is food. We need support from people and donations so we can help as many people as possible.”

The charity will not be accepting clothes at this time and are focussing mainly on food. Although items such as toys, stationery and books are welcome.