MORE than 100 jobs are under threat at a plush city hotel in the latest blow to the hospitality industry. 

Bosses of the Hilton Glasgow say the plan to cut staff is in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It's understood around 109 full-time roles have been earmarked for redundancy at the William Street hotel, which equates to around 144 workers affected under the proposals.

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Union bosses have called for a rethink on the plans and for chiefs to take advantage of the furlough scheme. 

Bryan Simpson, industrial organiser at Unite, said: "News that Hilton Hotels is looking to terminate a majority of staff at their Glasgow flagship has come as a devastating shock to our members there especially when the hotel has only just re-opened. 

"Hilton can and should be using the Job Retention Scheme to continue to furlough staff on a flexible basis rather than using Covid as an excuse to offload loyal staff. The reason they are doing so now, is to avoid having to contribute to staff wages from September and in order to use the JRS to cover notice pay. 

"We would urge Hilton Group to rethink this premature, ill-conceived and knee-jerk decision before its reputation is irrevocably damaged with customers and the wider public."

The hospitality industry has been one of the worst hit in the city by the virus outbreak with hundreds of jobs in doubt, including at the Blythswood Hotel and Grand Central Hotel. 

A Hilton spokesman said: “Covid-19 has created unprecedented challenges for our industry and with social distancing measures and travel restrictions remaining in place, it is unlikely we will get back to normal operations for some time. 

“As a result, we are having to make some very difficult decisions about our future structure. 

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“We have worked hard to minimise the impact on jobs so far, but we have been left with no choice but to resize and restructure the team at Hilton Glasgow. 

“Over the coming weeks, we will be discussing future plans with our team members so that we can hear their views and minimise the impact on jobs as much as possible.”