THE smiles are huge, the 50s swimwear stylish, as a trio of friends take a splash in the sea at the Fair.

Our glorious archive photograph of Violet Forsyth, Ann McIlhutton and Betty Skinner in July 1959, prompted a lovely message from reader John Cunningham.

“My dad just called to say an old photo with my mum and her two friends was in the Glasgow Times - she is on the right, Violet Forsyth Cunningham,” he told us.

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“My mum had a stroke last year and has aphasia, which means she struggles to communicate most of the time.

“But seeing the photo really picked her up and she talked about her old friends, which is pretty amazing.”

Glasgow Times:

John adds: “It’s made my boring wee day a lot better. Thanks for putting it in the paper. It would be good to know if her friends are still around? They have lost touch over the years, life gets in the way.”

Glasgow Times:

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Glasgow Times:

The history of the Glasgow Fair stretches all the way back to the late 12th century when local traders sold their wares at Glasgow Cathedral.

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By the 19th century, it was held at Glasgow Green, with a travelling fair, circus acts and theatre shows.

Glasgow Times:

Later on, Fair Friday became Fair Fortnight, and everything in the city would shut down for families to take a break and head to faraway shores, like Millport and Rothesay - or even down south to Whitley Bay...