A BIKER who miraculously escaped a horror crash with no broken bones revealed an ambulance was right behind him as the accident happened.

Sean McMillan, 36, from Cumbernauld was driving how motorbike along the M80 on May 11 when he lost control of the bike and collided with the crash barrier.

He said: “I don’t remember that much but by sheer luck there was an ambulance right behind me. Apparently I travelled along the M80 hitting the barrier for 20-30 metres before somersaulting onto the fast lane and coming to a stop. I realise I am incredibly lucky to be alive.

“The paramedics who helped me at the accident scene were amazing. I’m sorry if I wasn’t easy to deal with at the time, but I am aware these two men helped save my life.”

Sean was then taken by ambulance to the nearby Glasgow Royal Infirmary and has praised staff for the treatment he received.

He added: “I’d like to send my special thanks to all the staff who cared for me during my time at the Royal. The staff in A&E were great when I was brought in, getting my spine and brain checked. And even the ‘nice person’ who took pleasure in scrubbing gravel out my back wounds! I know it was all for my benefit, and I wholly appreciate their effort and help. Remarkably, nothing was broken.”

Sean went into surgery the following day as he had sustained extensive ‘road rash’ – deep gravel wounds from travelling along the road at high speed.

Sean said: “Obviously I would like to thank all the theatre staff, who operated on my knee and cleaned my road rash, and all involved in that process. I was really well looked after by all and all this was going on at the height of the Covid pandemic.

“Everyone I came across was kind and professional. The porters and physios need a special mention - I appreciated the banter, and work these guys did. But finally the nurses and docs on ward 61! All these people deserve the greatest of praise for the work they do, and I am eternally grateful for being able to walk out of hospital three days later. Thanks to everyone involved. They are amazing people!”