GLASGOW University has confirmed it is investigating complaints of alleged sexual misconduct against a lecturer.

The Sunday Times reported yesterday that an inquiry was underway into allegations of sexual misconduct against a former PhD at the university, made by a female lecturer.

A spokesman said Glasgow University took a “zero tolerance” approach to any form of sexual assault and encouraged students to come forward if they felt they had been a victim of “unacceptable behaviour”, both to the university and to the police.

He added: “We have online reporting mechanisms in place and we actively encourage students to use this. Any student who comes forward is offered personal support and counselling along with guidance on options. Where a formal complaint is made we instigate immediate and extensive investigations and can use precautionary suspension of those who are accused of wrongdoing. We also encourage students to report incidents to the police and provide professional support when they do so.

We have developed an online ‘Report and Support’ tool which students can use to report issues of any kind on campus or outside the University. This can be done anonymously. Professional counselling is also provided on a completely confidential basis. In addition, we have increased the number of trained First Responders and Respect Advisers and are working to raise awareness more generally about gender-based violence, harassment, bullying and discrimination.

We cannot provide detailed comment on individual cases, we can confirm the instance highlighted was fully investigated. Formal process is still ongoing.’