A PETITION has been launched calling for the sentence of schoolgirl Robyn Fryar’s “animal” killer to be extended.

The petition called the five year and three-month sentence handed down to Shaun Gatti by the High Court in Glasgow an “insult” to Robyn’s family.

In 2019, Gatti mowed down the 15-year-old schoolgirl after speeding on the wrong side of the road coming home from a nightclub.

Last month, prosecutor Alex Prentice QC told how Gatti and his passenger got out of the car after hitting Robyn, saw her on the ground and then drove off “at speed”.

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The 21-year-old from Paisley then tried to cover up his crime by concealing his damaged car under tarpaulin.

The petition reads: “I have started this petition in the hope that the diabolical sentence passed for the brutal killing of Robyn Fryar will be overturned. 

“The mere 5 year sentence passed was an insult for Robyn's family and does not come close to giving her family any form of justice. 

“Not only did he mow poor Robyn down he got out the car, he did not help! Instead he drove away and left Robyn dying at the roadside to go home and try to conceal his car.

“The 5 year sentence passed is an absolute insult and in no way does it reflect the justice the family deserve to have!”