A STUNNING £570,000 mansion could be yours thanks to a unique competiton - with entries costing just £2.50 a ticket.

The concept is simple – anyone over the age of 18 can enter the competition by answering one question, paying the £2.50 entry fee, and a winner is drawn using a number generating algorithm.

The cap for ticket entrants is set at 500,000 tickets before the planned draw.

This was meant to take place in March, but has been postponed to December 20 as a result of the coronavirus.

Glasgow Times:

Philip Leckie, who lived in the five-bedroom detached house at 62 Alexander Street, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, for nearly a decade, has received interest from across the globe with his alternative and “more creative” way to pass on the property to a new owner.

He said: “We got surveyors in who said it was worth around £600,000 – but we’d be lucky to get £500,000 for it, maybe less.

“I thought to myself, ‘there must be another way of doing this’.”

It was at that point that Philip came up with the idea of holding a competition – and is even planning to donate a large portion of the money raised to Airdrie’s local St Andrew’s Hospice.

The home includes a sauna, large lounge, conservatory, sun lounge and full attic space.

There is also a detached garage with a driveway fit for multiple cars.

Glasgow Times:

He continued: “My grand­father died in St Andrew’s Hospice about 15 years ago, and the hospice staff were always more than helpful – not just for my grandfather but for the entire family.

“They are just amazing, even seeing the way they cared for Fernando Ricksen in his final months was incredible and inspiring. So I thought about this idea, trying to do something a bit different.

“I’ve now committed to giving them around £150,000 after this."

Glasgow Times:

Mr Leckie added: “We really didn’t expect that people in Vegas or New York would be interested in a house in Airdrie, but there you are.

“It’s strange, but it’s picked up interest across the globe which is great.

“If you look at the odds, the odds of winning this £600,000 house are a lot better than winning the lottery, that’s just facts.”

Glasgow Times:

He added: “It is a magnificent house and is fully renovated.

“It’s not like you’re winning a derelict house, it’s in walk-in condition.”

You can enter at drawahouse.com.