Nicola Sturgeon has advised people not to book a holiday abroad this year.

She said people need to be prepared for rules of travel to change at short notice.

After Spain was removed from the list of countries where people returning do not need to self-isolate, the First Minister said just because a country is on the low risk list now, doesn’t mean it will be in a few weeks time.

The decision to allow travel from Spain without self-isolation was taken earlier this month but overturned very soon after.

The Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and UK governments all decided to re-impose quarantine restrictions on travel form Spain this week.

Ms Sturgeon said the advice is to avoid all non-essential foreign travel.

She said: “Right now I wouldn’t decide to go on a foreign holiday.”

The First Minister said she understood that many people would like to book a holiday for “some sunshine” or to take advantage of a “last minute deal”.

However, she said: “You are all responsible adults but I don’t want people to coma back and say I didn’t give advice.”

She added: "I would love to give certainty and predictability on this but it is not in the nature of what we are delaing with.

"She said people need to "factor in the uncertainty".

Ms Sturgeon added: "If you want to go overseas that's up to you but I don't want you to do so without being clear about the uncertainties."

Dr Nicola Steedman, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, re-iterated the warning on foreign travel.

She said: “Nowhere is completely safe, It is a global pandemic. We run the risk, because numbers are so low in Scotland that we think it’s gone away. It hasn’t.

“In a few weeks time we don’t want to be in the position some other countries are in, when numbers were low but have shot up. The risk is still there and the risk is real. I would love to give a list of places but I can’t.”