A COUNCILLOR has condemned “irresponsible fly-tipping” on a Pollok footpath and cycle lane which has left it full of trolleys, rubbish and old beds.

Councillor David McDonald said the growth in cycling and walking has sadly been met with an increase in fly-tipping in the area.

The Glasgow Times alerted McDonald to the eyesore and have been told it will be dealt with by the Glasgow City Council in the coming days.

Rubbish, furniture and a number of trolleys can be seen sprawled along the path in between Brock Burn and Muirshiel Crescent which leads to Silverburn Shopping Centre.

The Glasgow Times reported in May how lockdown has seen a 300% in fly-tipping in certain areas across the UK.

Glasgow Times: Councillor David McDonaldCouncillor David McDonald

The situation can be made worse in lockdown as many local authorities focus on battling Coronavirus, reducing services.

In certain cases, residents have said fly-tipping can become a health hazard by attracting rats.

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Councillor McDonald said: “Across Greater Pollok we’ve seen a huge growth in cycling and walking as we have come out of lockdown, but sadly that boom in positive activity has been matched with an increased in irresponsible fly-tipping.

“Front line Council cleansing teams will be clearing this area up in the coming days, taking time out from their other duties to clear up someone else’s mess.

“There is no excuse for fly-tipping or throwing your rubbish on the ground. There are plenty of bins nearby and the city’s household recycling centres are back open.

“Before the lockdown this was an area that was regularly cleaned and maintained by local volunteers, who unlike the fly-tippers have a pride in their neighbourhood, so it’s depressing to see people ruining what should be an attractive green corridor for walkers and cyclists to enjoy.”

Council spokeswoman said: “This is totally unacceptable and anti-social behaviour by a minority that ruins the local area for everyone else looking to enjoy the landscape.

“The fly-tipping has been reported.

“The cost of removing dumped debris is also a huge drain on already stretched council resources.”