A COUNCILLOR has slammed “selfish” drivers who park on the cycle lane on Corkerhill Road in Cardonald.

Councillor Alex Wilson said the cars parking on double yellow lines and cycle lane on the road has been a common occurrence for years – despite there being an “ample” car park at Nethercraigs sports complex.

Mr Wilson has asked the council to consider placing bollards on the cycle lane - the small barriers lain on roads throughout the city in pop-up cycle routes - as a potential solution.

Glasgow Times: Cars parking along Corkerhill Road cycle laneCars parking along Corkerhill Road cycle lane

Mr Wilson said: "There is an ample car park at Nethercraigs. Why people don't park there is beyond me. It's one of these things the minute you turn your back people flaunt the rules. It's quite disappointing.

"It's a physical activity they're doing at Nethercraigs so why can't they park their car and walk an extra two minutes to get into the sports centre? I just don't understand it. People are just being selfish.

“There’s always parking there unless we get enforcement out. We've targeted this road for two or three years. It happens all the time. We had double yellows put it.

"It comes down to the individual. You can have as much enforcement as you can but at the end of the day once enforcement goes people will return to bad habits.”

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Councillor Jim Kavanagh went further, adding that investment in the Cardonald ward has been lacking for years.

He said: "Where we are, within the Cardonald ward which, takes in North Pollok, there is nothing here, there are no cycling routes.

"Within the ward itself if you come from Braehead there are no cycle lanes; up Crookston road, no cycle lanes; along Paisley Road West, no cycle lane.

“Then, the only thing we have is Corkerhill Road. But the day we put it there we've had parking after parking after parking. Even when Nethercraigs car park is empty they still park on the main road.

"The only way to deal with this is a segregated cycle lane. The council said they didn't have the money. Well, we've managed to find the money for other parts of the city.

“I've asked, for the £3.5m that's been allocated, how much is getting spent on cycling within Cardonald - the answer is zero.

"Not only are we getting left behind with investment in the ward. The answer I keep getting back is that 'we aren't poor enough yet'. Why should the Cardonald ward have to suffer time after time after time?

"I call this ward the forgotten ward. If you look at investment throughout the city and look at Cardonald I don’t see any improvement. I look back 50 years and I don't see much improvement. We get the crumbs off the table and there are not many crumbs to come off the in the first place.

"What I'm asking for is how much has been spent from that £3.5m in Cardonald? Not a penny. We do not have one segregated cycle lane in this ward. Occasionally they splash some paint down on pothole-ridden roads.”

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A council spokeswoman said: “As part of our Spaces for People programme which is providing additional space for physical distancing, one of the earliest projects implemented was on a stretch of Paisley Road West in Cardonald where footways were widened to ease pedestrian movement.

"We have also recently earmarked the cycle lanes on Corkerhill Road for the installation of soft segregation.

“As Spaces for People progresses, we will look to prioritise temporary interventions that offer the greatest benefit to public health, balances the needs of all users, and can be delivered in a short timeframe.

"Informing this process will be the many suggestions recently received from the public through the Commonplace mapping tool.”