COUNCIL bosses have moved to reassure residents that part of Queen's Park glasshouse will not be demolished.

Concerns had been raised about the future of the historic structure after engineers were spotted at the site.

Fears had been sparked that the dome of the Victorian building would be permanently removed.

However, Glasgow City Council has said there are no plans to demolish the dome.

Instead it may be removed and stored while the future of the building is considered.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “We have no plans to demolish the dome.

"The structure has deteriorated since it closed to the public last year.

"We are working with various professional bodies and engineers to determine the best course of action for the preservation of the glasshouse – which may require the careful removal of some elements of the structure.”

Queen's Park glasshouse is one of five Victorian glasshouses in the city and, like others in Glasgow, it faces an uncertain future.

The structures are extremely costly to maintain and the South Side glasshouse, which is 115 years old, closed to the public last year as it was no longer deemed safe.

In 2018 the issue of preserving the city's glasshouses rose to the fore as it was announced the famous Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green would close indefinitely as around £7 million would be needed to repair it.

Kibble Palace along with Springburn and Tollcross glasshouses also need constant attention.

Concerns about Queen's Park's structure have been raised consistently over the years.

Local councillor Soryia Siddique said: "Constituents contacted me raising concerns they had heard rumours regarding the demolition of Queen's Park glasshouse's dome.

"I have raised their concerns with Neighbourhoods and Sustainability at Glasgow City Council.

"It is important that all avenues are explored to ensure Queen's Park Glasshouse is preserved for generations to enjoy.

"Proposals should involve community consultation and elected member scrutiny."