THE travel and hospitality industry are shameless. 

The aggressive way they are trying to badger and harangue Governments to open up restrictions regardless of the consequences is breathtaking. 

Yes, jobs are at risk, we understand that, but public health needs to come first all the time. We all want to have our break in the sun but we have to continue to show restraint.


IN reply to Richard Low’s letter, he raises a few interesting points in his letter (Thursday), like the wearing of masks earlier, which I agree with. 

He ruins this sensible point that both Holyrood and Westminster missed an opportunity (health is devolved) by a rambling last paragraph. He accuses one party for all the ills and out of touch with the electorate. 

Which party precisely was the one that demanded that Covid-19 should not be politicised then started selling their own branded face masks? 

Which party, during a pandemic, refused to warn of an outbreak at an international conference at a large hotel? 

Which party is responsible for healthcare in Scotland? 

What exactly does Brexit and Universal Credit have to do with Covid-19? 
I suppose if you throw enough mud, some will stick eventually. 

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ON several occasions, I have seen buses driven all the way down this cycle lane in the morning when there’s been a tailback of traffic on Corkerhill Road (Councillor slams ‘selfish’ drivers parking on Cardonald cycle lane, Thursday). 

Unfortunately for one bus driver the traffic cops were sitting inside the entrance to Nethercraigs waiting for just that. Authorities should just keep dishing out fines for illegal parking. 

Selfish people will soon get the message.

Bill Hasset
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START towing them, use the powers that are already there. Placing bollards is just going to be costly and messy.

David McKendry
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I DON’T know if it’s the same in Scotland, but in larger French cities there are Google-map type cars which drive around scanning illegally parked cars.

A fleet of those out hoovering up number plates and dishing out e-fines to the selfish would soon sort out the financing problems.

Glasgow Times: Councillor slams “selfish” drivers parking on Cardonald cycle laneCouncillor slams “selfish” drivers parking on Cardonald cycle lane

And stop pixilating the photos – the egotistical driver of the white BMW should be shamed.

Fran Ger
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THEY could change the pavement width, that would cost a few bob, more moans. 

I don’t know, maybe people should stop thinking they have the right to park wherever they want. Be less lazy. Joe Shmo

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SELFISH motorists are everywhere.

I’m dreading the schools returning next month as it will just turn the streets outside my house into a no-go area for pedestrians yet again.

Cars abandoned in front of private spaces and barely enough space for families to walk their children home after school.

The headteachers don’t care and the council isn’t able to do anything either.

Motorists simply don’t give a damn. As long as it saves them a couple of minutes in the morning or after school to park quickly opposite a primary or high school.

Name and address supplied

IT’LL be gone before you know it. Look at what they’ve done to Tollcross, a disgrace (Queen’s Park glasshouse dome fears ‘are unfounded’, say council bosses, Thursday).

Paul W
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UNFORTUNATELY there are not enough crisis centres in and around Glasgow to deal with the drug problems (Thursday). 

Addicts are often left to cope on their own and are housed among other drug users in run down hotels and hostels. 

It’s like putting a child in a sweetie shop. Yes, I know it’s drug users’ own choice to take drugs however, I see it as any other addiction/illness and should be treated as such.

Brian MacLean
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