FOR me, mental health has always been about keeping busy. The difficulty comes when I am not doing things, when I’m left to sit and think about the enormity of what has happened.

Fighting for my life and losing my limbs wasn’t really in my plans for the future, strangely enough. So, when it happened, I had to find the will to live, the motivation to learn everything again and the strength to carve out a life for myself, when it seemed impossible.

Giving up would have been far easier and was an option I frequently considered. I now know that, with a bit of effort, you really can do anything – but there’s no magic wand.

So I keep going. I just want to pack in as much as possible.


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Finding Your Feet has become part of my life – it is my life, but it is not just about me anymore. The team is amazing and I’m really proud of how hard they work to support everyone who needs us. I am very, very grateful to everyone who fundraises for us and I have met so many truly amazing people, who come along to our events and activities.

It is hard, coming to terms with limb loss, and it takes a lot for some people just to come through our doors. They are all incredible.

I had my double hand transplant last year, and every day there is a little more sensitivity. It has been a year and a half – I have had many infections and have spent weeks in hospital. But I am very grateful, and never forget the kindness of the donor’s family in allowing this to happen for me.


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There is a long way to go – I still struggle with zips and tweezers, but feeling changes in temperature is great. I’m getting there.

Like every charity, lockdown has been difficult. But fundraising is getting quite creative and we have come up with some good ideas, so we’re getting by. People are being kind and generous.

I was really flattered to have been nominated, never mind awarded Scotswoman of the Year, particularly after meeting the other nominees and knowing their achievements. I didn’t think I had a chance of winning.

Corinne Hutton, founder of Finding Your Feet

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