NICOLA Sturgeon has confirmed the Scottish Government plans to pause their shielding guidance form tomorrow.

The First Minister said that following a gradual easing of the guidance throughout July, the different rules can be lifted from August 1.

This means anyone shielding should follow the same guidance as the rest of the country – while staying safe and following strict physical distancing and hygiene measures.

Why are the Scottish Government changing the guidance?

At the start of the pandemic, members of the public were asked to shield because the infection rate is so high.

The Scottish Government now believes the number of people in Scotland who are infectious is now very low. 

The latest estimate shows that from July 31 there will be approximately 1 in 18,160 people who are infectious.

Similarly, the risks from being outside and catching the coronavirus are thought to be very low.

Glasgow Times:

Could this change?

The Scottish Government are continuing to monitor the spread of the virus across the country – warning that shielding may have to begin again in order to keep our country’s most vulnerable safe.

The Scottish Government website reads: “The infection rate in Scotland may rise as well as fall in the coming months. 

“Small changes will not affect this advice. We will keep our advice under constant review. 

“If we see an increase in infection rates that gives us concern, we may ask you to take extra steps again to stay safe. 

“If so, we’ll let you know by letter and through the SMS Shielding Service.”

How can I stay safe?

The Scottish Government has issued a variety of online support guides and tools for people who are shielding as they head back to some form of “new normal”.

This includes guidance to understand what activities are safer than others, tools to protect yourself during daily activities, and a workplace risk assessment tool to consider before heading back to work.

This can be viewed here