Half of new cases of coronavirus reported are among people in their 20s and 30s.

Nicola Sturgeon said cases are increasing as more people go out to pubs and meet with friends from other households.

Ms Sturgeon said the latest figures showed 30 new cases in a day, the highest in the last eight weeks.

The First Minister said the virus is still under control and the 30 cases represented under 1% of the total tests yesterday.

However, she said: “People meeting up with friends in pubs are testing positive in higher numbers.

“I am urging people not to be complacent and to follow the rules.”

Ms Sturgeon said she wanted people to refocus on the measures needed to stop the spread.

She asked people to think about how their behaviour may have changed.

She said: “Have we maybe just let our standards slip? If so, it is time to tighten up. Every time you don’t follow the rules it gives the virus a chance to spread.”

Younger people were asked to think about how much they want to go to a pub and how often they want to go out.

The First Minister added: “Think about how necessary these nights out are and how frequently you want to go out.”

She said: “Everywhere you go, act as is Covid is in the room, because it absolutely could be.”

Jason Leitch, national clinical director suggested young people have “taken their foot off too early.”