Protesters were ordered out of Central Station today after they unfurled a controversial banner.

The three men, led by campaigner Sean Clerkin, were told to leave by police after the held up their banner which read: England get out of Scotland.

They staged the stunt just before a train was due to arrive at the station from London.

The protesters had previously staged a protest at the road border between Scotland and England on the M74.

The protesters who said they are Scottish nationalists were criticised by many for that protest and their banner as being anti English.

Nicola Sturgeon said of the border protest: “"The people who protested at the border did not speak for me, they were not there on my behalf or communicating a message that I endorse in any way. I would emphatically say I do not endorse that."

Mr Clerkin who was spoken to by police inside the station and outside said it was not anti-English but admitted the banner was worded to be provocative.

He said: “The banner is deliberately provocative to get the message home. We mean Scots, English, any nationality south of the border not to come to Scotland to protect public health.

“Scotland is a nation and a citizens of Scotland we want to safeguard the public health of people in Scotland.”