A PAISLEY man has slammed Renfrewshire Council for not doing anything about pets in his close which have affected his health.

Brian, 35, said that dogs in the six-flat close on Auchentorlie Quadrant have left shedding hair in stairwells and mess in the back garden, with the owner doing nothing to clean up after them.

He also suffers from asthma and COPD, which he says doctors have told him has become worse because of the living conditions in the building.

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He said: "The problem is the two dogs because mess is left everywhere and even the back yard is covered in mess.

"You walk into the close and it's just clumps of dog hair in the corners and all over the stairs.

"I have been on and off antibiotics for around six months and my doctors have told me that the conditions in the close have added to me getting ill again and again."

Brian, who has lived at the property for one year, also has two young cousins that are not able to visit due to the conditions in the back yard, which he describes as "disgusting".

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He said: "The back court is an absolute health hazard - the dogs run riot out there and there is no place for my two wee cousins.

"All neighbours have had enough of it, it is affecting how we live.

"Every time I get in touch with the council, I get bounced from them to the police. They're passing the buck and nothing is getting done!"

Renfrewshire Council responded to Brian's claim, with a spokesperson saying: “We are aware of the complaints at Auchentorlie Quadrant and our Community Safety Partnership Team are working with residents to address the situation.”