A Glasgow SNP MSP has said he will fight a decision which effectively blocks him from standing in the seat he has held since 2011.

James Dornan, Cathcart MSP, said the party has imposed an all women shortlist on the seat for next year’s Holyrood election.

He issued a challenge to anyone who wished to take him on for the nomination to do so in an open contest.

Mr Dornan announced in March this year he was to stand down as an MSP at the election but a few weeks ago he informed the SNP he changes his mind and intended to stand again.

Mr Dornan won the seat from Labour’s Charlie Gordon in 2011 and held it five years later with 52% of the vote and increasing his majority to almost 10,000.

He revealed the SNP decision on twitter.

Ms Dornan said: “Ok folks, last night the NEC voted to impose an all women shortlist on the constituents of Glasgow Cathcart, the constituency I have served to the best of my ability for the last 10 years.

“Obviously I am challenging what I consider to be a decision based on a false premise.

“I consider myself to be the best candidate for this constituency, that I live in and grew up on. If anyone wishes to challenge me then they should have the courage to take me on, not try to manipulate others into doing their job for them. I intend to stand and will fight to do so.”

The Glasgow Times has contacted the SNP for comment.